Charge vehicle

Refuelling is free!

Electricity is included. You will find a NEOGY fuel card in your glove compartment for charging on the road. More information on charging can be found in the FAQ. Each car has its own charging point at its home location. The rule is that vehicles must have at least ¼ charge at the end of the journey. Please always charge the AlpsGo vehicle after returning it to the charging station, the next user will be grateful.

Charging our cars takes different amounts of time, depending on which charging method is used - mains charging cable, wallbox, charging station or CCS charging station/powercharger - i.e. from 20 minutes to a maximum of 13 hours.

You will find the charging cable in the boot, under the luggage compartment floor. Simply plug the charging cable into the car and into the charging station. Depending on the charging station, charging either starts automatically or must be activated by charging card. To activate charging, simply hold the NEOGY charging card against the designated area or the RFID field of the charging station. Then check whether charging is taking place (the light next to the charging plug on the car lights up green, the charge is shown in the vehicle cockpit/display).

If you are going on longer journeys, you must also charge while you are on the road. To do this, simply drive to a quick-charging station (connection type: CCS). With an almost empty battery, you can drive on again with the charged car after around 20 minutes of charging time. The NEOGY charging card can also be used for this purpose.

If there are any major technical problems with the charging station, we offer a technical service that is available 24 hours a day.

Further information on charging can be found in the FAQs.


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