Questions and answers about car sharing

What does car sharing mean? Open / close
Our vehicles can be rented by the hour or by the day. You can book online or via a smartphone app. You specify your booking period, the desired station and your desired vehicle.

The vehicle will be ready at the station of your choice at the desired time. At the end of your journey, the vehicle must be parked again at the same station so that the next user can find it at the specified location. One-way trips are not possible with AlpsGo.
Book vehicle Open / close
Simply search for your desired vehicle or the nearest station, enter the date and time and confirm your booking.

You can change the booking at any time. You can extend the booking via the app, and if you are early, you can also end the booking early.
Book with the AlpsGo app Open / close
As soon as you have registered in the app, you will find all available stations near you or at the desired location on the map.

Simply tap on the desired station to display the available vehicles. Here you will also find all the important information (drives, number of seats, charging status, etc.).

Under "Availability" you can check whether the vehicle is still available for the desired period.

If everything fits, the booking can be completed by clicking on "Book". The vehicle is now booked for you.
Change or cancel booking Open / close
Under the menu item "Bookings" you will find an overview of all current and past bookings.

If you want to change a current booking, simply select it.
You can then change the duration of the booking or cancel the booking completely.

Can't make it to the car sharing station in time for the end of the booking? No problem, even current bookings can be extended in this way, as long as no subsequent booking is affected.
Open vehicle Open / close
The vehicle can be opened conveniently with the smartphone app at the beginning of the booking. Simply click on "OPEN" and the car will open. In the glove compartment you will find the key with the attached "chip" in a separate device. The car can now be started.

Please always make sure that there is no damage before driving off.
Damage report Open / close
Before you start driving, you must always check the vehicle. With the digital damage report, you have to report all known damage before you even open the vehicle. This is done in a flash with a photo of the damage, which the app then sends to AlpsGo.
Stopovers Open / close
During breaks in the booking, please use the car key to lock the vehicle as usual. Do not close the booking with the smartphone app until the car key and chip have been returned to the device in the glove compartment.
End of journey Open / close
Back at the station, make sure that the key and the chip are correctly inserted in the holder in the glove compartment. All lights must also be switched off. You can then end the booking with the smartphone app by clicking on the lock symbol in the booking.
Battery level during booking Open / close
The battery must be at least a quarter charged when the vehicle is returned. Charging is free of charge - the charging card is in a holder in the glove compartment.
Emergencies Open / close
In case of emergency, the free green number 800 912 516 must be called outside our office hours. The green number will only take calls for emergencies.


Traffic accident (pay attention to your own safety, secure the accident site, if necessary notify the authorities via 112).

Technical emergencies (e.g. problems with locking or unlocking)

Booked vehicle is not at the CarSharing station (e.g. "third-party parkers" blocking the CarSharing parking space).

Late return with influence on the subsequent booking

In cases of late return without influence on the subsequent booking, the booking can be extended independently online.

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