Questions and answers about car sharing

What does car sharing mean? Open / close
Our vehicles can be rented by the hour or by the day. You can book online or via a smartphone app. You specify your booking period, the desired station and your desired vehicle.

The vehicle will be ready at the station of your choice at the desired time. At the end of your journey, the vehicle must be parked again at the same station so that the next user can find it at the specified location. One-way trips are not possible with AlpsGo.
The rules of fair play Open / close
The rules of fair play
Car sharing can only work well if everyone abides by the rules. The next user will thank you for it:
- Check the car for damage before travelling and report it conveniently via the AlpsGo app before leaving.
- Respect the smoking ban.
- Leave the car clean and do not leave any rubbish behind.
- Do not transport animals.
- It is forbidden to pass on your access data to others.
- Return the AlpsGo cars on time and with at least ¼ charge. Notify us in the event of any delays by calling the emergency call centre.
- At the end of the booking, the vehicles must be recharged using the charging cable and the AlpsGo charging card.
- Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that all windows are closed and the interior is free of personal belongings.
- Notify us (via the app) if a vehicle needs to be cleaned.
Failure to comply with the rules will result in a penalty fee. See list of fees on the "Prices & tariffs" page
Registration Open / close
Click on "Registration" at the top of the website and then select your desired tariff (8 different ones) to start the registration process. Have your driving licence and credit card ready.
Which means of payment are accepted? Open / close
Private customers may only use credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) as a means of payment.
Insurance Open / close
Our vehicles are insured with kasko coverage. The deductible in the event of damage is EUR 500.00. Depending on the damage, a loss of use, administrative costs, towing costs and others may also be charged.
What is the maximum and minimum booking duration? Open / close
The maximum duration of a single rental is 5 days. The minimum booking duration in the Flex rate is 3 hours, in the Active rate it is 1 hour. Any further use beyond 3 hours (Flex) and 1 hour (Active) is charged at the rate of 15 minutes whether used in full or in part.
How should I plan my booking? Open / close
Precise planning is important to ensure that all car sharing customers find their booked car at the station of their choice. A late return causes major problems for the car sharing system.
If a booking needs to be extended, this can be done during the journey via the app.
ATTENTION: this is of course only possible if there is no follow-up booking for the car.
What should I do if I need the car for more than 5 days? Open / close
Contact us via e-mail hello@alpsgo.it
How far in advance can I book a car? Open / close
It is possible to book an AlpsGo car up to one month in advance.
Is it possible to park or load the car at another AlpsGo station? Open / close
Unfortunately, this is not possible, as this means that our customers who have rented a vehicle at this station will no longer be able to hand over the car and finish their booking.
I return before the end of the booking period. Will I still be charged for the entire booking period? Open / close
Our carsharing is set up as 'pay as you book'. This means that you can return the car to the pick-up location at any time before the end of your booking, but you pay for the entire booking period.
Why do I have to document damage? Open / close
Please note that any existing damage that has not been documented will be attributed as damage during the trip. For this reason, it is essential to inspect the car inside and out for damage before departure.
Any existing damage is documented in the app and does not have to be re-registered.
The desired AlpsGo vehicle is not displayed on the app or cannot be booked. Why? Open / close
If the vehicle cannot be booked via the app and/or is not visible in the app, it means that it has already been booked or is in maintenance mode and therefore not available for a new rental.
Why does the app need Bluetooth? Open / close
The app requires Bluetooth so that it can also control the vehicle without an internet connection. This allows the vehicle, app and platform to communicate with each other.
Where can I return the car? Open / close
The vehicle must always be returned to the place where it was rented. AlpsGo does not currently offer A-B trips.
Can I rent a car even if I don't have a credit card? Open / close
No, you can only register with AlpsGo if you provide a credit card when you register.
What requirements do I have to fulfil to be able to use AlpsGo Carsharing? Open / close
A minimum age of 18 years and successful registration are required to use the service. Cars cannot be rented or driven without a smartphone and an installed app.
Can I register more often? Open / close
No, you can only register once with your driving licence number.
How does the driving licence check work? Open / close
Driving licence validation is carried out digitally within the app for private customers. To do this, the ID card and driving licence must be checked independently using an online procedure. After successful validation, the check is repeated every six months.
I forgot something in the vehicle Open / close
In this case you will have to rebook the car.
Which vehicles are available for rent? Open / close
Our entire fleet consists of Volkswagen ID.3 electric cars with a battery capacity of 58 kW and a range of around 300 kilometres. The electric vehicle convinces with ample space and a safe driving experience.
Do the cars have rear or front-wheel drive? Open / close
VW ID.3 has rear-wheel drive. ATTENTION: Fit snow chains on rear wheels!
Are the cars equipped with winter tyres? Open / close
All AlpsGo cars are fitted with winter tyres by the mandatory conversion deadline. Snow chains are not available in all cars. This information can be found in the "Equipment" section of the app.
Can I use the vehicle to teach someone how to drive? Open / close
No, it is not permitted, just as it is not permitted to use the vehicle to participate in motor racing.
Can I also borrow a child seat? Open / close
Please contact AlpsGo (hello@alpsgo.it)
Can I mount the roof rack/bike carrier on the rented vehicle? Open / close
No, it is not possible to mount additional accessories or to tow other vehicles or trailers.
Can I drive abroad with AlpsGo vehicles? Open / close
It is possible to drive abroad in all European countries where insurance cover is valid (see insurance policy in the glove compartment). Please note that different rules apply in many countries regarding mandatory vehicle equipment.
Are animals allowed to be transported in AlpsGo cars? Open / close
No, pets are not allowed in Car-Sharing vehicles - thank you for your understanding.
I arrived at the designated car park on time, but there is no vehicle there. What should I do? Open / close
The person who made the booking can view the position of the booked vehicle within the app. Of course, only from the time the previous renter has completed the booking.

If the car is nearby, you can go there and start your journey. If it is too far away, we recommend booking another car and contacting us.
Who pays for the motorway, blue parking spaces, vignettes and traffic-calmed zones? Open / close
Please note that AlpsGo CarSharing does not pay any fees for tolls, car parks etc.. Our cars are also not permitted to drive in traffic-calmed zones.
How can I use AlpsGo as a business customer Open / close
Of course, companies can use car sharing for business purposes. All you have to do is create a company team. Employees can then simply be invited to join via e-mail. All expenses, journeys and drivers are recorded via a dashboard.
A monthly collective invoice including all journeys is provided. A written request is required to create a business team: hello@alpsgo.itt
Can another person drive the vehicle during my booking? Open / close
No, only the person who made the booking is authorised to drive the AlpsGo car. ATTENTION: passing on access data is prohibited.
How do I open and close the car? Open / close
Our cars do not have a key. You can open the AlpsGo car via app from the start of your booking. You can make intermediate stops (locking, unlocking) just as easily via the app.

You can also end the booking conveniently via the app, which locks the vehicle.
Important: Smartphone charge status Open / close
Make sure that your smartphone is sufficiently charged. If you run out of battery while driving, you will not be able to complete the booking. The smartphone can be charged with a cable in the car. ATTENTION: the cables are not included!
What tariffs are available? Open / close
There are two types of tariffs: One for frequent users with a monthly fee and a tariff for those who only use AlpsGo CarSharing very rarely without a monthly fee. You can find detailed information on the tariffs page: https://www.alpsgo.it/de/preise
Book vehicle Open / close
Simply search for your desired vehicle or the nearest station, enter the date and time and confirm your booking.

You can change the booking at any time. You can extend the booking via the app, and if you are early, you can also end the booking early.
Can I switch between business and private use while travelling? Open / close
This is possible. Simply click on "Change usage type" in the app. For example, this ends business use and starts a private journey.
Where can I find the charging cards? Open / close
In the glove compartment you will find the AlpsGo charging card for the home station and a second NEOGY card for charging on the road. You can use these at the public stations.

ATTENTION: The vehicles must have at least ¼ charge at the end of the journey. Please always charge the AlpsGo vehicle after returning it to the charging station, the next user will be grateful.
Book with the AlpsGo app Open / close
As soon as you have registered in the app, you will find all available stations near you or at the desired location on the map.

Simply tap on the desired station to display the available vehicles. Here you will also find all the important information (drives, number of seats, charging status, etc.).

Under "Availability" you can check whether the vehicle is still available for the desired period.

If everything fits, the booking can be completed by clicking on "Book". The vehicle is now booked for you.
Does the car have a spare tyre? Open / close
No, the ID.3 does not have a spare tyre, but you will find an emergency tyre kit in the lower compartment of the boot.
Change or cancel booking Open / close
Under the menu item "Bookings" you will find an overview of all current and past bookings. If you want to change a current booking, simply select it. You can then change the duration of the booking or cancel the booking completely.
Can't make it to the car sharing station in time for the end of the booking? No problem, even current bookings can be extended in this way, as long as no subsequent booking is affected.

You can also cancel your booking up to 12 hours before the start of the rental and you will be charged € 1.00.
However, if you remember to cancel your booking less than 12 hours before the start of the rental, you will be charged € 15. If the booking is neither started nor cancelled, we will charge the full time price (pay as you book).
If you book a car, it will of course no longer be available to other customers during this time. Therefore, cars should always be booked with care.
I have booked a vehicle but no longer need it, can I cancel it? Open / close
Yes, you can cancel your booking up to 12 hours before the start of the rental and you will be charged €1.00.

However, if you cancel less than 12 hours before the start of the rental, you will be charged €15. If the booking is neither started nor cancelled, we will charge the full time price (pay as you book).

If you book a car, it will of course no longer be available to other customers during this time. Therefore, cars should always be booked with care.
Can I reduce the length of my booking? Open / close
From the start of the booking, only the full booking time can be charged, a reduction is not possible (pay as you book).
Open vehicle Open / close
The vehicle can be opened conveniently with the smartphone app at the beginning of the booking. Simply click on "OPEN" and the car will open. The car can now be started.

Please always make sure that there is no damage before driving off.
Damage report Open / close
The vehicle must always be checked before driving off. With the digital damage report app, you must report any new damage before you set off. This works in a flash with a photo of the damage, which the app then transmits to AlpsGo.

You will also find the damage already reported in the app. ATTENTION: Be sure to report any new damage to the inside and outside of the vehicle, as this is the only way to ensure that you are not held responsible.
Do I have to charge the car? Open / close
Please ensure that the electric vehicle is always correctly connected to the charging station at the end of the journey, regardless of the charge level, and that the charging process is started.

To start the charging process, our AlpsGo charging card (located in the glove compartment) must be held up to the charging station.
If you are travelling longer distances, you also need to charge on the move. To do this, simply head for a fast charging station.
How do I find public charging points while travelling? Open / close
We recommend connecting your own smartphone to the ID.3 infotainment system via Bluetooth (before setting off). You can also display the charging stations via CarPlay or Android Auto.

On our website you will also find a map with the charging stations in the vicinity: https://www.user.neogy.it/home/dashboard
How do you charge? Open / close
It takes time to fully charge our cars, depending on the charge level and charging method. If you use a normal charging cable, wallbox, AlpsGo charging station or Hypercharger, the charging time varies from 25 minutes to a maximum of 13 hours.

You will find the charging cable in the boot (Schuko charging cable in the lower compartment of the boot). Plug the charging cable into the car first and then into the charging station. ATTENTION: At the AlpsGo charging stations, push the cable in with slight pressure.

Depending on the charging station, charging either starts automatically or must be activated using a charging card. To activate charging, simply hold the NEOGY charging card against the designated area or the RFID field of the charging station. Then check whether charging is taking place (LED next to the charging plug on the car lights up green, charging is indicated in the vehicle cockpit/display).

ATTENTION: If the cable on the vehicle cannot be unlocked, press the unlocking lock next to the window lifters!
Connecting the smartphone to the on-board computer Open / close
To easily use the Android Auto or Apple Carplay services, you can connect the vehicle to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Please note, however, that if you synchronise your contact data with the vehicle, you must delete it from the vehicle using the factory settings. We cannot guarantee that the data will be deleted automatically after disconnecting.
Stopovers Open / close
You also need to use your smartphone to lock the vehicle during breaks in the booking. To do this, simply press "Stopover" and then the "Lock open" and "Lock closed" symbols.

ATTENTION: If you ever have problems reopening or starting the vehicle, try again. If the vehicle door is not opened within 20 seconds, the car will lock again automatically. In intermediate stop mode, simply lock it again and then the ID.3 can be unlocked again
End of journey Open / close
Drive the AlpsGo vehicle back to the rental location. Press the "P" button on the gear lever and then the "Start/Stop" button to switch off the vehicle.

Make sure that you have removed all personal belongings from the vehicle. Please leave the car in a clean condition or as you found it.
Don't forget to attach the car to the charging station.
Battery level during booking Open / close
The battery must be at least a quarter charged when the vehicle is returned. Charging is free of charge - the charging card is in a holder in the glove compartment.
Emergencies Open / close
In case of emergency, the helpline must be called outside our office hours. This number will only take calls for emergencies.


Emergencies include

- Road accident (ensure your own safety, secure the accident site, call the authorities on 112 if necessary).

- The booked vehicle is not parked at the car sharing station (can unfortunately happen if third parties have blocked the car sharing car park).

- Technical emergencies (e.g. problems locking or unlocking the car).

- Late return with effect on the next booking.

All other difficulties can be handled independently via the online booking platform or via the app (reservation, extension, cancellation, damage report, etc.).

In the event of a late return that does not affect the next booking, the booking can be extended independently.
What do I do in the event of a breakdown or accident? Open / close
First of all: take a deep breath! Pay attention to your safety first and secure the breakdown/accident site. Please inform the authorities if necessary.

Then please contact our emergency service, they will help you. If the AlpsGo vehicle needs to be towed away, you must call the VW customer hotline yourself and tell them your exact location. ATTENTION: our car can only be towed away if you are on site. So please do not leave the breakdown/accident site until authorities have arrived!
Where can I find the vehicle registration document, first-aid kit, high-visibility waistcoat and breakdown triangle? Open / close
You will find the vehicle registration document in the glove compartment, the safety waistcoat in the driver's door, the first-aid kit in the lower compartment of the boot and the warning triangle in the lid of the boot.

Where can I find

an AlpsGo car?

The search for an AlsGo CarSharing car is very simple, you just have to download the app on your smartphone and after registration all bookable vehicles will appear.

The currently active stations are:

- Bressanone - train station
- Bolzano -  Via Carducci, Via Dodiciville, Viale Druso, Via del Macello I & II,
Piazza Mazzini, NOI Techpark,
Via Piave, Via Trento
- Val d'Ultimo - Pracupola 
- Lana - Centre
- Merano - Via IV Novembre, Via Garibaldi
- Malles - Centre, train station
- Silandro - Centre

Where can I find an AlpsGo car?

Via Beda Weber 1
39100 Bolzano 
+39 0471 1390 502 
VAT. Nr. 03214260212