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Car sharing for companies

An alternative

to your own fleet

Instead of owning a company fleet, using car sharing vehicles can reduce costs and make better use of cars. While company-owned cars are not used in the evenings or on weekends, with Corporate CarSharing companies and organisations can let their cars to their employees or members at favourable conditions when they are not needed.

If desired, these vehicles can also be integrated into the normal car sharing fleet, e.g. over the weekend. This increases utilisation and lowers costs. In the future, AlpsGo will offer various mobility services that are specifically tailored to the needs of corporate customers.

With corporate car sharing, a company can simultaneously assume social responsibility and benefit from an ecological corporate image. For employees, a concrete incentive is created when the car is optionally also driven privately.


for the company


for employees

CarSharing for communities

A car to share

Several municipalities in South Tyrol actively promote Car Sharing. A "Community Car" offers many advantages.

For communities

CarSharing for public institutions

Image gain through sustainability

The advantages for public institutions are obvious.

For public institutions

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