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Prices and fares

The price for a journey is made up of two factors: time and distance. You can simply get in and drive off with the Flex tariff, the minimum booking time is 3 hours. With our subscription model, you pay a small monthly fee, but the cost per journey is lower and you can also book a car for just one hour.

One-time registration fee of 19.00 €.
Discount for a public transport subscription (Südtirolpass) of 9.50 €.
Discount for ALPERIA customers of 9.50 €.

Please also check our tariff and cost regulations: Download tariff and cost regulations.


Monthly fee € / month

0,00 €

Time price VW ID.3 € / h

8,00 €

Daily rate (24h)
From the second day only €55.00

59,00 €

Kilometer allowance € / km

0,28 €

Minimum booking duration 3h, billing mode 15 min. All prices in Euro incl. VAT.


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Monthly fee € / month

5,90 €

Time price VW ID.3 € / h

6,00 €

Daily rate (24h)
From the second day only €55.00

49,00 €

Kilometer allowance € / km

0,28 €

Minimum booking duration 1h, billing mode 15 min. All prices in Euro incl. VAT.


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What else you should know

Delay Open / close
A late return is always bad for the CarSharing company. Please plan your journeys with a buffer so that you can avoid delays.
We charge €15 for delays of 15 minutes or more; after that, €5 per quarter of an hour or part thereof will be charged. If you extend your booking in good time via the app, there are no additional costs. Of course, this is only possible if there are no subsequent bookings for the same vehicle. If you are seriously late, please call us, as this must be treated as an emergency.
Early Return Open / close
In accordance with the "pay as you book" principle, the full fee for the entire booking period will be charged in the event of early return.
Cancellation Open / close
Cancellation of a booking up to 12 hours before the start costs €1.00.
After this time, €15 will be charged for cancellations up to the start of the booking.
From the start of the booking, the full booking time will be charged (pay as you book).
If the booking is neither started nor cancelled, we will charge the full time price.
Insurance Open / close
Our vehicles are fully insured. The deductible in the event of damage is € 500. Depending on the damage, a loss of use may also be charged.
Cost and fee regulation Open / close
AlpsGo wants to offer all customers a mobility experience. Everyone wants to start their journey with clean, punctually returned and charged cars. If the CarSharing rules are not adhered to, additional fees or costs will unfortunately be incurred. Please take a look at the list at the top of the page.

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