Sharing is the new having!

AlpsGo! South Tyrol

Using instead of owning

Sharing is the new having. Climate-friendly, flexible and affordable, you can experience a new form of mobility with AlpsGo. If you do not want to own a car you can use the CarSharing fleet. Enjoy the car sharing in sinergy with public transportation and discover a new concept of mobility.

CarSharing helps using cars more efficiently, reducing traffic congestion and decreasing the number of vehicles in the long term. CarSharing improves the quality of life in urban areas and it can be a valuable alternative for rural areas. Citizens living in rural areas are relatively more dependent on cars compared to people living in cities. This dependency generates higher costs and may hinder social interaction.

There are several challenges in rural areas from an economic, ecological and social point of view toward a more sustainable mobility. New models are needed to tackle these challanges.

AlpsGo is teh right alternative for those municipalities and public organisations looking for innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of low-emission mobility at fair prices.

CarSharing for tourists

Perfect for a car free journey

AlpsGo and Flinkster Network by Deutsche Bahn.

For tourists

CarSharing for novice drivers

Get in and start driving

The horsepower restriction allows our electric cars to be used by novice drivers.

For novice drivers

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